0205 John Ritter

podcastOur episode kicks off this week with a little back story about the beginning of our ‘cast. We were so excited to start talking about the Comedy Tree.

Everyone will be happy to hear that Kevin is safe out of the desert and he’s now on the outskirts of the Enchanted Forest. We go into great, interesting detail about what that forest is and how it’s like.

Of course, the meat of the episode arrives and we discuss the comedian John Ritter. He’s dead. But that doesn’t stop them from going over his credits: Three’s Company, Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter, Big Bang Theory with Kelly Cuococo. This leads them into a conversation about “straight men (people)” in comedy.

Assignment This Week: Thank us!

Then we do the enlightening segment of “Can I Be Your…”

We will be doing Give Us A Handle with Kevin and Joel, if you have a circumstation, let us know!

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