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podcastThe JK Around is a comedy duo founded in Capitol City, the Nation, in late 2013. Individually, they are Joel van Vliet and Kevin Avram, but together they make up the Joel/Kevin Around.  They create comedy content such as skitches (a hybrid of skits and sketches), a podcast and original comedy stand-up.
Their podcast is an exciting instructional podcast, enlightening our students (listeners) about HOW comedy is done. We “take the magic out of comedy”. We pull back the curtain so you can see how the trick is done. This has been very educational and entertaining for people from all over the world who want to be more informed about their comedy.
The podcast is made up of two episodes: Tributes and Interviews. The tributes delve into the great comedians of today and yesteryear as the duo tributizes them. In the interview episodes, we speak to up and coming talents from anywhere in the world and try to understand and take the magic out of their comedy! They even sometimes do special episodes which are Extra Credits.
Enjoy the site and all the wonderful podcast episodes. Skitches coming soon!

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