0209 Tom Green


This episode starts on a lonely tip because Joel isn’t sure Kevin is going to call. And, as to not ruin the surprise, I’m not going to say whether he calls or not here.

After that cliff-hanger, Joel and Kevin discuss what they’ve been up to for the last month. It’s a very interesting journey Kevin has been on and certainly very sad not journeying that Joel’s been doing.

After the commercial break, they reach into the hat to get the name of the comedian: Tom Green! He’s a Canadian comedian. A lot of very good comedians come from Canada. Tom comes from Canada too. More interestingly, we discuss changing the format to a three act structure. ¬†Also, can you talk Tom Green without discussing Interstellar in conjunction with Freddy Got Fringered? No.

Next up is Kevin’s Klassic Kranks and this one is pretty wild! Listen to it.

As an assignment: What was the most Klassic or the most Krank about this week’s segment? Describe where the funny was. We want to know that you know why it’s brilliant!

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Have a great week! Class dismissed.