0207 Carl Reiner


Joel has exciting news right at the top of this episode involving Capitol City University Radio and a special person named Kelly Dimples. And the CCUR comedy record collection. Of course, Kevin is also out of the Enchanted Forest, but also discuss ideas for Joel’s new radio show.

Then we get into our hat which is filled with comedians, but before that, Kevin drops a bomb-shell which really knocks Joel for a spinner. And then the name is picked: Carl Reiner!

We give an assignment: Create a character and post a video on twitter, Facebook and attach your pie-chart.

Then we take a moment to do a student favourite: What If?

 Assignment #2: Make this week’s “What If?” more  deep.

We will be doing Give Us A Handle with Kevin and Joel, if you have a circumstation, let us know!

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Have a great week! Class dismissed.

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