S01E20 Interview: David Green

podcastThis is the last episode of this semester on The JK Around Podcast. It’s an honour to interview the daddy of his local scene (in Niagara of Canada), the master of words, David Green. There’s a lot of learning in this episode, students!

We start out immediately wondering if David will ever be transgendered. And right away, David comes out with rich puns in the conversation.

David’s staple comedy style is “puns” or parrotphenezia. Joel asks if all wordplay is puns (because all puns are wordplay). Tune in to learn the answer!!

Of course, the intense idea of puns in other languages comes out. David mentions “The Art of the Pun”, a dissection of puns and wordplay and how it has evolved. Suddenly, puns don’t seem like a simple thing as some thing, but a very intellectual comedy joke type.

Assignment: Read that book and scan us your full book report!

Showing his intellectuality, David asks us where the magic goes after we take it out of the comedy. Our answers are interesting!

This leads to the questions, “are all jokes playing with words?” That is answered too, it seems. Of course, surprise comedy comes up again (mark it in your notebooks, students)!

The conversation organically moves to a chat about NEEDING magic. Yes, we take it out in this podcast, but what do you do if you don’t have any more magic? Don’t worry, we’ll all still have magic. Learn how… by listening!

Kevin asks David if there’s something magical that happened which inspired him to do even more than 20 whole comedy shows! Well, of course, David talks about FUN raising! Because if you don’t raise awareness that there’s fun, no one will know there’s fun.

Through the story we’re taken into the world of zany face comedy! This style was pioneered by the likes of Mike Myers, Jim Carey, Pee-Wee Herman, Weird “Al” Yankovic.

Then Joel pioneers a little idea of his own involving the comedy of Mitch Hepberg and Steven Wright: Idea Puns! This idea is very controversial as both David and Kevin don’t agree with his brilliant idea.

Assignment: Weigh in on this debate! Tweet or Facebook your opinion about this serious issue please!

We jump straight into “What’s the Difference Between Me and You?“!

The segment opens a great big ball of wax which is about “timelessness”! How do you create timeless comedy? We discuss the David on stage vs off stage. How is he different? Listen… you’ll get to know the tickle monster.

Then David Green “Gives Us a Handle“!

A great segment of “Can I Be Your?” is next. Pretty solid!

Suddenly, we do “Comedy Soup” and it is quite delicious!

David blew our minds, follow him on the inter webs and enjoy his pun a day!

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S01E18 Interview: Justin Laite

podcastThis episode begins with a bit of a weather report, which is unusual for our podcast. It’s the rainy, snowy, beach-weather season in the Nation.

For the second time, a guest begins to talk before they’re introduced on the podcast and it excites the dynamic comedy duo that is the JK Around. The guest is another comedian from Canada, this time Toronto (city).

Our comedian today is Justin Laite! They get right into the conversation by discussing the sure fire, 100% score of a joke which is a pun on his last name. Every comedian needs these jokes in their arsenal. Justin describes himself as creative AND clever.

Then the team gets into discussing a literal gravy train which ends up leading us into the fact that Justin used to be a little overweight. Spoiler alert: he is now straight built like a brick house.Justin3

Before getting too much into the weight story, we meet Jay Freebourne who came to the nation with Justin. He’s also a comedian and sits in on our podcast. We didn’t shun him or treat him like he was imposing, Joel and Kevin welcomed him gladly. Don’t worry, he doesn’t say much.

Justin has a Twitter account and so does Jay (Jay’s Twitter), but they don’t use them much. Still… follow them.

Justin2Joel then asks the important question about whether getting fit was a negative in Justin’s comedy. You have GOT to hear his answer! It will ASTOUND you!

We then discuss the people of poverty in the nation who throw parades, confetti and celebrate incoming tourists for tips.Justin1

Then we get the skinny (hilarious pun intended) on Justin’s Japanese Sumo wrestling days.  This was when he lived in a Cape Breton Trailer Park. And the reveal comes that he is the HULK HOGAN of comedy! This is only the first reveal. There’s an even bigger one later!

Then we hear a beautiful story about a commercial Justin did for which he gained a sample of the deodorant he was selling and a ROYAL BLUE towel (as seen in said commercial)!

Then they discuss dreams and who you can be in your dreams (whoever you want)! And what Kevin would do with muscles and if Justin feels alienated because comedians are ugly, but he’s hot now.

And then we learn that Justin is the king of the riffs in Toronto. He takes a subject and riffs on it! We learn HOW! He also writes on stage, which we discussed in earlier ‘casts. How does that inform his riffs? And then the idea of crowd work comes up. How does that fit in?! (Tune in!)

They discuss the comedy of Zack Galifianakis Live at the Purple Onion and how Justin is basically a fit Zack.

So, then they get into the segments starting with “What’s the Difference Between Me and You?” Through this segment, there is a very incredible reveal, which I won’t give away here.

Then we get into “Give us a Handle“!

The next segment is “Tweets” and it sucks again.

Then we do “Can I Be Your” with a bit of an urban slant to it. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty dope!

Next we get right into “Comedy Soup“!

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S01E16 Interview: Matt Ker

podcastWhat a beautiful Monday for the JK Around Podcast. We don’t waste much time to introduce our guest: Matt Ker!

Matt is an old, not particularly current, friend of Kevin’s. We start in by talking about the history that Kevin and Matt share. It’s pretty underwhelming. The joke they shared didn’t even seem that funny, so it’s not clear why it’s such a “rich history”. However, Kevin does remember, with a slight prompting, Joel’s first hilarious, well honed internet bit.

They talk about the Offenders of Comedy which was a washed up group of comedians that didn’t even have a podcast or have the kind of chemistry Joel and Kevin have. Maybe Matt and Kev still workshop jokes, but Joel and Kevin write their skitches and do some real world friendship stuff. It’s an exciting time of changed traditions and new, richer friendships!

They discuss being raised in a small, useless, uninteresting town called Nee-lmyr. It’s a one badger town outside of the Capitol City. Matt tries for a shock value joke in the moment which falls flat and doesn’t work. Kevin is supportive of it, as you would be of an old family friend who you don’t plan helping grow or get better. Joel has to explain that this isn’t the forum for a bunch of jokes, it’s an educational programme.

Then there is an explanation of shock comedy. One of them uses a great metaphor from This Is Spinal Tap. Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Miley Cyrus: these all did shock rock (and comedy when it comes to Miley). And funny dress ups inspired by Lady Gaga and Carrot Top.

A story then comes out about a hilarious comedy joke that Matt wrote which was taken by Joe Rogan (comedian, philosopher, scientist). This joke featured the comparison of Alien and the female vagina. Joel uses a Chuck Norris joke to illustrate how comedy is about philosophy, because Matt insists it’s not about science, but in describing that, it appears science is very necessary in the best jokes (like Norris jokes). So, he’s wrong. Matt is wrong. And then Sherlock Joel with his Watson Kevin solves the case of the stolen joke. Matt doesn’t have much to do with it.

Then Matt tells us about Caleb and their comedy thing called “Bad Idea Comedy” which seems like a really great idea for them. Matt should stick with Kelland and not bother with Kevin so much. It’s a bad idea because it’s like Tim and Eric, but the joke is that it’s a GOOD idea! You can see them on YouTube and Facebook!

Then Kevin does a masterful job of describing his jokes using puns. That’s how you know it’s good material. Bill Cosby’s material can be describe in a pun as Joel shows and that’s how we know his comedy is brilliant!

Then we do “What’s the Difference“! What’s the difference between Matt Ker and Rick Moranis (Mel Brooks‘ “Spacebars“, “Honey I Shrunk the Kids (2)”, “Ghostbusters“)?

Then we have Matt “Give us a Handle“!

Then we try “Tweets“, the ongoing tweet segment which is constantly evolving. This week: Rob Huebel (Human Giant, Childrens’ Hospital)!

Then we have another installment of the segment “Can I/we be Your?” It gets kind of dramatic, but it’s very much a telling experience for Matt and Kevin.

Of course, they do your favourite segment: “Comedy Soup“!

Before we go, we have to enlighten Matt about taking the magic out of comedy magic shows. Joel goes into great detail to explain the subtle differences we’re talking about in that statement. It’s unclear if Matt gets it by the end, but he might just be too dumb.

Assignment: Litter our walls and Bad Idea Comedy wall with all sorts of offensive shock comedy!

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S01E14 Interview: Jen Meyers

podcastWe start the podcast by commenting that comedy is eternal, like the blue milk after a bowl of Lucky Charms, the brown milk after a bowl of Count Chocula or Cap’n Crunch mouth.

And then our guest interrupts and introduces herself, in a sense: Jen Meyers! Jen immediately impresses us with her use of Latin.

We jump straight in discussing the prejudice she’s had to deal with as the “token” woman of her comedy community. We talk about acknowledgment in the world of stand-up comedy. Acknowledge whatever particular group you belong to!

We learn what kind of comedian Jen is. She’s an unabashed female comedian who plays to the audience, tells jokes and tells stories. She regales us with a story of a show she did just the night before and how she augmented her set to suit it.

Then we discuss specialized comedy for ONLY women! These are jokes men can’t find funny, but girls can. What is the subject matter? What is the way this humour works that doesn’t tickle men?

Before answering these questions, Jen talks about her box.

Joel gets confused about some reproductive details pertaining to certain period details. This needs to be arduously explained to him by Kevin and Jen. The latter uses a personal story about her brother and having to work.

We discuss a battle of the sexes Joel witnessed featuring Jen. Also, we talk about David Green, a dear comedian who is very tender and fair. Then she tells us the joke which features Levi Mann, who we have interviewed. The joke involves Canada’s Wonderland and the Leviathan.

Now, the joke she performed was an INSULT comedy joke! That gets the gang talking about Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Bob Hope and Don Rickles. Kevin uses Joel’s resemblance to Clark Kent/Superman to illustrate what an insult comedy joke would be. Jen brings up the comedy central roasts.

Joel brings up what level of insult is funny and when it becomes just mean. Is it mean to start making fun of a person’s ears (because Jen is sensitive about her ears). We share what jokes we would do about her lobes. Then we talk about bullies and the loss of wit.

Then we discuss divorce and how it’s treated in the Nation. We talk about marriage between goats, platypus, lamps, tables, beavers. Of course, this opened up questions about adoption at the time.

And then we do “Give us a handle“! It gets pretty exciting and maybe even harrowing.

Then we get the 411 on how long Jen has been actually doing comedy and how long she dreamed of performing comedy. She has a list two hours long of comedians she loves! But her inspiration, not influence, who she emulates is Deborah DiGiovanni. She’s a stand-up comedy female comedian from Toronto.

Then Joel starts another great deep philosophical conversation about inspiration vs influence. This involves talk of Louis CK and Adam Sandler.

Then we do “What’s the Difference between me (Catharine O’hara) and you?”

Jen asks “who misses Chris Farley in the age of Rob Ford”. We are forced to go over a few of those details. But these days, because of decomposition, Farley would probably be hired for a Calvin Klein add.

Jen introduces Joel to Nikki Payne.

Then we do the sucky “Rob Delaney’s Tweets“. Of course, we mention the Kardasian’s in tandem with Delaney. This also brings out the wonder of elephant in the refrigerator jokes, Tarzan jokes and Chuck Norris jokes.

Then we do a brand new segment: “Can I be your?

Then we do “Comedy Soup“!

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S01E12 Interview: Ben Whipps


This week begins by making sure everyone understands that our ‘cast isn’t just for “students” of comedy, but for everyone who enjoys hearing about comedians and the discipline of comedy.

Then we introduce our guest: Ben Whipps!

We discuss how exciting it is that our podcast will always be online and people can listen to current and past episodes for years to come and then that’ll be the future for them, but the past for us. Amazing! We mention gang violence in places like South Central United States and how this violence might not still be happening in the future.

We kick off talking about Whipps’ podcast “Braingasm“. He quickly decides to let both his stand-up and his podcast get destroyed in the holocaust when faced with his own Sophie’s Choice. Yet, he goes on to use science to say we only have one listener as opposed to his few listeners who he seems fairly indifferent toward.

Kevin and Joel breakdown the etymology of the title of Ben’s show. Are they correct? Ben tells them.

Then we touch on the idea of taste, preference. Someone might claim that Adam Sandler is, not unlike Barbra Streisand, the greatest comedy actor, director, producer, writer ever! But other people might say he’s absolutely the most horrendously over-rated, garbage-making idiot around.

A neat sneak peek into the origins of the JK Around podcast name. We discuss our interactions with Dr. Wawz. Interestingly, Ben had the same experience. It felt a lot like the Wizard of Oz, complete with Winged Monkey-type Munchkins. Joel was pretty sure he was a confidence trickster. Ben reveals where the guy went to school! Not Oxford or HarvardDeVry. It was the Music Man all over again.

We take a risk and talk about the hidden, banned, lost, cursed episode of Braingasm: Bread vs Pie!

Assignment: Tell us how many weeks Braingasm has been doing podcasts and which weeks did they miss?

We talk about co-hosts: Ben’s co-host Chesticka and Joel’s co-host Kevin. Is there romance in the air for either? Of course, Chesticka isn’t at all like Mary Shelley‘s Frankenstein‘s monster. Ben makes that abundantly clear. She is afraid of fire, unlike Mowgli from Jungle Book. And then the cow puns begin. And then the scrapbooking discussion!

Next we explore Ben Whipps’ stand-up comedy stylings. His style of comedy is story-telling, which is a derivative of long-form comedy. Ben does NOT tell jokes!

Then the gang philosophizes about familiarity in our culture. We bring to light the warm embrace of a school shooting to Generation Columbine or Generation C. They feel bad for children who are so used to bullying, shootings in a Clockwork Orange type thing, but now they have to watch the 2014 Sochi Olympics, they feel anxiety. Munich was a good Olympics because it was relate-able, which is why Spielberg made a film about it. Schindler’s List was also a hug of a movie. Thank heavens the gays have been having a hard time during the Olympics this year, it’s familiar!

That transitions flawlessly into our new segment: Give us/me a handle!

The 2nd in our rapid-fire segment episode: What’s the difference between me and you (another comedian)? What’s the difference between Ben Whipps and Zach Galifianakis?

It comes out that Joel had a very dated version of hair removal/facial reconstruction surgery.

And then we do Rob Delaney’s Tweets!

Assignment: Did Ben read that tweet differently than Joel? Describe how on FaceBook and Twitter!

Finally, they do Comedy Soup!

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S01E10 Interview: Mikey Henley

podcastToday starts off with exposing our rap alter egos: K-Love Flavrum and Joel van Violence.

Then we introduce Mikey Henley! We get straight in to talking about the belt wearers and non-belt wearers of Islam and the Scots (kilts). And then we get on Worldwide Wrestling Federation. Are they competing with Cowboys for biggest belt buckle size (Mikey asks that).

We re-charge our “is comedy a science or art” conversation. Mikey is on the side of science. Kevin seems to agree because he compares comedy to the wonderful science of astrology. Astrology is a great science for getting to know someone, and so is religion. You know where you are with a Sagittarius or Gemini or the lion one or a Taurus or a Feces or an Aquarium.

We talk about Mikey‘s abrasive, embracive comedy! Then Kevin regales us with his story of making Madonna cry, not in Argentina, but in Atlanta. They talk Kabbalah, Lambada, lobotomies.

We finally talk about Mikey’s eclectic entertaining. His chief influence was Andy Kaufman. He might tell stories, be observational or use slapstick, even! He takes pages out of the book of comedy. The team takes the magic out of his “comic strip” bit.

Then we discuss a contest Mikey entered in which he wore underwear to advertise a particular brand of underwear. The host of this contest made fun of him. He told him he should be fatter, because fat is funny.

Then we talk on a new thing: mime comics! But clowns are a lot like that because there’s poor amplification at a circus.

We talk about Mikey’s goatee and how that helps his comedy. It has become his calling card. Kevin enlightens us as to what that means. This obviously spurs a conversation about vampires being the best house guests! They’re also funny like Leslie Nielson in Dracula: Dead and Loving It. They all do a Transylvanian accent.

They discuss calling cards in depth: Andy Kaufman – Blank stare. Aziz Ansari – being brown with a beard, big eyes. Jeff Dunham – blank stare and puppets. Kanye West – being crazy, sunglasses and being unpredictable and not even seeming like a comedian.

Joel shares the story of Sacha Baron Cohen knocking a lady off the stage at BAFTA. He received the Charlie Chaplin (of The Great Dictator) Award. Chaplin was the Teller (Penn and Teller) of the 1930s. Cohen knocked the first female star from Chaplin’s films right off the stage.

The parallel is drawn between that and when Kanye said Taylor Swift didn’t deserve to win that video, but Beyonce should’ve. And every takes that hilarious joke seriously. The whole North West fiasco is a hilarious joke! Add to that the controversial joke of the song: Black Jesus.

Maybe Jesus was white because he was a black man with skin bleached by the sun… like Michael Jackson.

Then we take the magic out of Mikey Henley’s “Slapstick” bit. We discuss if it’s easy to get audience members on stage. Joel wrote a play that opens in an ancient Socrates, Greek chorus play sort of way.

The conversation shifts to Medically Approved Marijuana that Mikey is approved for, medically. What is boggling, is that it will not heal Mikey. That’s the travesty of science! It can put a man on the moon, invade space and give a man a boner, but it can’t heal Mikey’s back. And now he needs to medicate for the REST of HIS LIFE?!! They can even heal baldness with a Chia Pet pill (not true, but a great Henley joke). No one should have to do the equivalent of chemotherapy for the rest of their life.

And then we do Rob Delaney‘s Tweets! Mikey Henley plays Operation with us!

The discussion turns to legalizing all drugs and Rob Ford the Prime Minister of Canada. He’s been compared to Chris Farley. He even has a bobblehead. Mikey is champagning Rob Ford for emperor of the drug nation!

Then we do COMEDY SOUP!

They discuss Mikey’s overall style of comedy. Joel gives us a peek into the honing of his craft. Kevin asks Mikey what the craziest curveball that was ever thrown at him. Joel makes sure he understands it’s not screwball comedy: Looney Tunes, Daffy Duck, Shawshank Redemption.

Then they touch on Sick Kidz for Sick Kids. This is a charity that Mikey is a part of which you can check out on Facebook. He’s giving back to the community, he’s literally healing with comedy. They’re on Twitter too!

Check out Mikey Henley on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

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S01E08 Interview: Jonny Clark

podcastOur first interview episode of the year is with Jonny Clark! He is a zany, alternative comic with a love of prop comedy. After doing a “here’s Jonny” throwback to the Johnny Carson show, we get right into it.

Jonny didn’t always do the Carrot Tip type thing with props (beach ball bicycles for instance). He actually started his journey of self discovery as “X-Rated”, a very filthy comic. People often don’t get very dirty jokes because they can be too filthy which their minds aren’t capable of grasping.

We get right into Jonny’s specific comedy routines. Joel describes what he saw Jonny perform as Jonny describes why it was funny. From being introduced as Rob Jeremy, coming out as a clown, carrying an empty pizza box to stripping to a superhero outfit, we discover that Jonny is rather avant-garde.

Jonny does things on stage which, simply, are not currently done. Yucko the Clown is the only known comedian who has ever dressed as a clown on stage and Jason Alexander is the only comedian/comedy actor who has ever dressed as a super here (super Jew) on stage (at the Just for Laughs comedy festival).

We get a sneak peek into Jonny’s future by discussing his Clown Mach II joke which involves a police office, a blow horn and a clown in a trunk. This puts one in mind of the classic contortionist clowns in a car.

As you might expect, when talking about physical comedy, Miley Cyrus is brought up. How brilliant she was evolving from Hannah Montana into a Gene Simmons-like comedian who, in a stroke of genius, promoted herself at the MTV Music Awards in a Beetlejuice costume. This may backfire because it turned people like Jonny on enough to jack-off to her.

Jonny does explain that Carrot Tip is not an influence of his even though, as we explain, he’s the Steve Jobs of comedy if Steve Jobs did comedy and was alive.

Then we break down Jonny’s famous birthday party cake bit. After that, he takes a moment to share his sure fire hit jokes which will win every time. Pay attention students. One of them even shares the name of the hit film Horrible Bosses!

They go into detail with his joke “Furry Friends” which isn’t about Homeward Bound. It’s actually about sex people called Furries. He describes a sex act with Minnie and Mickey Mouse of Disney fame. He even talks about Donald Duck in one of the alternative punchlines. They breakdown the comedy being found in the anipamorphesizing of the animals. This devolves into a brief discussion of cartoon porn involving Homer and Marge Simpson or an Orc and a Wood Elf from World of Warcraft.

Then we do Mike Birbiglia’s tweet, but since he’s not that great, we are now doing it with a better tweeter: Ron Delaney!


Then we walk about Jonny’s real job: photonics. He talks about the documentary Visions of the Future. They ask if this technology is alien. Jonny describes himself as if he’s in the Matrix or in the film Surrogate. Revolutions, black holes, Stephen Hawking, planet earth, the concept of time, different dimensions: This is what the conversation becomes.

We discuss how delicious pizza can be.

Then we do Comedy Soup and Jonny nails it!

As he prepares his joke, Joel and Kevin talk about the education system: reading, writing and arithmetic and science.

After the soup they talk OXO cubes, bouillabaisse and MSG. MSG actually causes Alzheimer’s, Jonny enlightens us.

Then we describe Jonny’s first joke involving a box.

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S01E06 Interview: Carly May


Today’s podcast features Carly May as our special guest comedian* for a special December Time episode!

The show starts off on an educational tip as Joel and Kevin teach our listeners about synthesis and photosynthesis. Our podcast picture is a great example of these concepts.

We, again, mention how funny hard C (or K) sounds are and Carly has one (or more) in her name. We discuss Milton Berle‘s autobiography, his thesis on good comedy.

We finally get to talking about Carly May‘s comedic stylings. She writes from her own experiences, she picks her own brain in a stream of consciousness sense, but isn’t a story-teller. It’s what defines her, which is still a mystery.

We get into the concept of staples in shopping: milk, chickpeas, hummus, grainy things. But there are staples in comedy too. Each comedian has there own hummus joke or chickpea jokes. Joel’s is his catchphrase, “chickpeas? Chick, please!”

This leads into the “why girls aren’t funny?” issue, that stigma that comes with female comics. She tries to steer away from it and doesn’t go on about anthropology. They discuss brunettes, blondes, black haired girls, short-haired, long-haired. These are all beautiful women and should be accepted as themselves. Comedians are separated by offensive material, or because they’re loud enough! They shouldn’t be separated because they have breasts too. Carly can make just as good dick jokes as any man. Hard dicks aren’t funny though, they’re the ultimate commitment.

This leads to discussing Jenn Tisdale who committed a pornography film. Joel suggests this is not unlike that idea Ricky Gervais put forward in his “kill a prostitute” joke. We ask Carly if this is empowering? Joel parallels this to King of Comedy by Martin Scorsese starring Al Cappuccino or Roberto Panini from Taxi Driver. He kidnaps Jerry Lewis and tries to get on the tonight show. Jenn has kind of kidnapped herself. We ask Carly what she’d do for publicity in lieu of porn.

Carly mentions her friend who opened for Doug Stanhope and other guys she knows opened for our hero Gilbert Gottfried. Then we talk Paris Hilton and how she broke through with her sex tape to bring us “that’s hot” which was amazing.

Then they consider who the best porn partner would be for her Seth Rogan (the Judd Apatow route), Chris Rock. We suggest Zach Shade should maybe get on this bandwagon with her. Then Joel figures Eddie Murphy in a Klump fat suit would be funny, but Kevin disagrees and keeps Joel in check. They discuss nudity being funny: bums (poop).

We talk at the beginning of Carly’s comedy journey. She lets us into the world of her metaphorical shelf. They discuss what might be on the metaphorical fridge: Honeycombs, honey mustard or a jar of honey. This reminds Joel that the Tisdale thing might be a result of an uneducation in the world, stemming from poor grammar in cereal commercials of our youth.

Kevin and Carly discuss their history together as students at Capitol City University, CCU, (go fighting Bulligans!!). He took a one day trip to Canada. Kevin told Joel in Facebook Chat and then Google Circles. His face lit up!

They discuss the concept of “the only way to fail is to never try“. They discuss miracles that take place which make people rich. Like discovering electricity. Joel says tsunamis bring people big money and the BP Oil Spill. South Park got a 3 part episode which gazillions of people watched. We compare our show to cleaning the oil off a duckling like in the Palmolive oil spill commercial!

We ask Carly what her most terrifying moment on stage was. It was that they didn’t laugh. We think of the possibilities as to why they didn’t laugh. Were they sexist? Was Carly too pretty? Or maybe she was just too young and the audience was expecting My Little Pony or Hello Kitty jokes? Some horrible people have a female limit and can only stand shows like Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place! Then we reach the real meat of the show as we observe that Gilbert Gottfried, Kevin James, Louis CK and Mike Birbiglia are all unattractive people who get funny responses! Even Lisa Lampanelli might be losing her funny with all that weight. Joan Rivers looks younger every day, that’s why she’s not funny anymore.

Of course, Carly was saved by the man with the 132 pound scrotum in her second set as he was popular in the media. Carly shares an incredibly funny word picture which probably killed that night. Joel makes a very good point about shrinkage.

Then Kevin and Joel take a moment to talk about the joys of December Time! This would be similar to Christmas, Hanukkah or the minor winter celebrations. We share memories of the Nation’s traditions and stories of yore: chickpeas, floss, shoelace, raccoons, GMOs, tumours, ticks, the Grumpus, December Time jokes, Papier Mâché, bitter unsweetened chocolate, pancake batter mustaches, churned blueberries (pretend raccoon dung), cat tails stapled to the fridge, fireworks, helium balloons, the mountain heights of the festivities, fiery arrows, confetti.

Mike Birbiglia’s tweets! Carly shares how much she hates cats and why his tweet is funny!

This inspires a mention of Garfield, the grumpy cat.

This week’s facebook contest: Create a Garfield meme that says something like, “I don’t hate Mondays anymore because of the JK Around Podcast“. Tweet it to us or Facebook it before December 32nd.

Joel brings to light the “bzzt” that “infinity amounts” and “forever number” (math comedy/funny language comedy) can bring. We wonder if Carly would ever go skiing, bowling, dinner theatre, parasailing, sky-diving, for the comedy of it.

They discuss other winter celebration traditions like presents in socks or wooden shoes. Joel wishes his Dutch joke would work for more people.

Me: “Why are there no raisins in this oliebollen.”
Mom: “There are! There are prunes!”
Me: “Mom, prunes aren’t raisins!”
Mom: “Well, if your Opa would lay off the komijnekaas, I wouldn’t need to put prunes in the oliebollen for his digestion!”


Carly regales us with a hilarious slapstick comedy skiing story which puts one in mind of a classic hilarious cartoon (see right) or Looney Tunes.

Then they discuss the principal in the discipline about surprise being funny in comedy. That’s why some of M. Night Shyamalan‘s movies are the best comedies.

Then we do COMEDY SOUP! Carly makes some absolutely delicious soup (like Jamie Oliver)!

Another facebook/twitter contest: Send us YOUR December Time memories!

Make sure to follow Carly on twitter!

She should have @carlymay

Carly wins the podcast with 10 points for adding December Time to her soup.

Happy December Time!

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S01E04 Interview: Levi Mann

podcast Today we interview Levi Mann, comedian!

The conversation is hot right out of the gate as we discuss what he uses as fodder for comedy. Does his material stem from television shows like Marvel‘s S.H.E.I.L.D., of which Levi is a huge fan? Or does his material come from people (not the magazine, actual people)? Is there truth to Joel’s claim of the manipulation of the media?

Then Joel asks if they have beef. As the scene of the potential beef unfolds, we touch on comedians having pow wows with other witch doctors of comedy to sort out their joke potions. Does this eye of newt work? Does this need some tongue of squid? Then Levi reveals his marine zoological knowledge.

We try to answer the question, “could there be a happy racist?” We also touch on low income housing, Indians going to college, Canadian entertainment, the penny being retired and worthless as well as being the white minority.

Levi reveals his comedy stems from his observations of people at Tim Hortons, where he works. Turns out he’s racist towards his own kind: white, but mostly the western whites.

Is Levi OCD or just organized? Is he manic depressive, bipolar or a sexual deviant? These are all enjoyable quirks, like picking one’s nose as people watch or chewing on ice. Kevin likes being watched whilst chewing on ice. Levi laughs at Kevin‘s issues, but that brings healing because humour ALWAYS does.

Then we get into a very intense discussion on ice varities! Cubes, moons, chips?

Levi Mann

THIS WEEK’S CONTEST: Where do various cubes come from? Do penguins make ice chips?

We are excited to learn that Levi’s name comes from Leviticus which is in the Old Testament of the Bible. Maybe it was a misstep to ask him if he wears Levi’s Jeans, but it did inspire some old, tired pants jokes! Before long, we get back on the course with Biblical pick-up lines. Will Deuteronomy win that pretty girl’s attention or is the Beatitudes a good go-to?

Joel gets confused about what Tim Hortons is and thinks they sell Red Bull, Rockstar Energy, Diet Coke, but he’s corrected. Levi tells us Niagara Falls is a tourist town and has diverse guests from all over the world. Then he tells us Canola Oil is the number 1 commodity in the world. This starts Joel into his “stick to the pan bit” inspired by the BP oil spill. Joel reiterates that hard Cs are funny!

Then we do Mike Birbiglia’s Tweets (the lizard king of comedy)!

Levi teaches us about why chicken Parmesan is funny as a coat and how eating it will put on some excess fat for winter. Amazing vision for comedy, Levi! It’s a coat made of food and fat is funny.

Then we discuss the art of “writing from stage”, a tactic that some comedians use. That makes them hit and miss, but sometimes it can be very funny. Then Kevin and Joel confuse Levi’s friend Larry Smith for Larry the Cable Guy, Larry King and Garry Shandling/Larry Sanders. Levi doesn’t write on stage, he does one man improv.

The conversation turns to “The Show Must Go On” by Queen and Freddy Mercury even if there’s open-heart surgery going on. Joel calls Freddy gay, but Levi thinks he’s Bi, which confuses Kevin and Joel to talk about ‘N Sync, Bye Bye Bye and Mighty Ducks with “We Are the Champions“. They also talk about that “Bohemian Rhapsody” moment in Wayne’s World in the mirth mobile.

Levi mentions Jim Carrey from Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, Excessively Excessively Excessively (a forthcoming film), Mr Popper’s Penguins and Mr Popper’s Penguins 2. Joel mentions Dr Dolittle and the Eddie Murphy version. Then they discuss Braveheart and Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson, William Wallace and Jesus Christ. And Robin Williams. And the little known William Wallace and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We have a Jumanji talk involving Tom Hanks, Chris Rock, Big (the comedy film) and Toy Story. Beware there are SPOILERS!

Joel tries to share his famous metaphor about butter on bread: white, whole wheat, pumpernickel, marble rye. Using butter with ham, marmalade or peanut butter, so creamy. Levi takes the opportunity to do some crazy accent about sandwiches. Is it Italian, Spanish or Cuban? This devolves into discussing Scarface, Carlito’s Way, Scareface 3: The Reckoning and Donnie Brasco. Kevin confuses that for Donnie Darko. Levi talks about his Stallone, Kermit and customer impressions. Joel finishes his metaphor citing Mark Twain, Jay Leno, Little Richard (Kevin sneaks him in), Sandra Bullock, Gilbert Gottfreid and Seth MacFarlane.

Joel makes the very meaningful point that real comics are the butter on the top of pancakes. Levi quotes Pineapple Express, appropriately. Then we argue about when people eat those pancakes, obviously. Levi regales us with a tale of making pancakes stoned from a mix, interestingly. Joel suggests making them from scratch, actually. We enlighten you about Levi’s gift for thinking and funnying outside the box, but how important it is to feel inside that box first and then give a football kick to the box and do your own thing!

Then we do Comedy Soup and get a little confused about what’s soup and what isn’t soup. Joel keeps making puns. Levi does an amazing job navigating the duo through his comedy rant based on the ingredients.

Another good facebook contest: Did Levi make soup? What was the soup? Was it a gazpacho?

We get into American cuisine like chicken and waffles, burger donuts and Twinkie hot dogs from UHF with Michael Richards and “Weird Al” Yankovic. It’s also a frequency. Watch it on Netflix. Follow us on twitter.

And then there is a beer pouring sound effect contest: If you think Joel’s is best, tweet #1 to OUR TWITTER. If you vote for Levi, Tweet #2 to HIS TWITTER and OUR TWITTER.

Our next competition: Did Levi Mann plagiarize his “can you call a blind man to the witness stand or is that hearsay” joke?

Levi: 2 points (unsure where they’re from)
Kevin: 1 point (unofficially)
Joel: 0 points

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S01E02 Interview: Zach Shade

Our first Interview episode couldn’t be better with our guest Zach Shade! We start in right away enjoying how not unlike Shaft Zach’s name is. Of course, that highlights how incredibly white and nerdy he is (not unlike the song by “Weird Al” Yankovic), which happens to be a brilliant segue into his Jewish based comedy.

We try to understand Zach’s influences, the things that inform his comedy. Not only is it his Jewish disposition, but also relate-able things from his life, but not hilarious moments at his uncle’s funeral.

We get right into Hitler, Eva Braun and holocaust jokes which aren’t offensive or racist because he’s a Jew. We talk about Germans and Nazis. This somehow leads organically to discussions involving Robin Williams, Family Guy, Lou Ferrigno, King of Queens, Patton Oswalt, Kevin James and a review of Paul Blart Mall Cop‘s movie poster.

The conversation deepens as we ask “where do jokes come from?” We talk about some pretty hilarious word pictures which might work in such movies as Eddie Murphy‘s “the Klumpsfranchise.zach shade

Hilarity ensues as our dear guest illustrates how important that 37% of delivery is as he regales us with a story complete with an in-depth description of its physicality. We get a little peek into a potential romance that could have blossomed in that controversial, but albeit hilarious, moment.

Kevin also mentions Sandra Bullock again because he’s obsessed.

Even though the previous story had happened in Montreal with French people, we talk about Greeks, Scandinavians, Chinese people, Ethiopians, Australians and Americans. You can barely mention America without saying a few words about President Barack Obama. So, we mention him too.

We discuss how Jerry Seinfeld ripped the Chinese a new one by mocking their eating utensils.

Here is that video:

Talking about influences, process and inspiration, we touch on Jim Carrey, Assassin’s Creed and mashups on Glee.

Then we take time to discuss Zach’s pre-show rituals. It’s important to know what to eat, drink and what to sit on. Funny is often found in food. We discuss the dressing of his burger and fry options. Does he or doesn’t he add salt to his fries? We get that answer! We mention Gefilte fish and Mike Birbiglia’sSleepwalk with Me” is mentioned as a cornerstone of “knowing thyself”.

As this goes on, we happen onto How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Ashton Kutcher, Charlie Sheen and Alan Harper. We remind people about Punk’d.

zach frankenfurterWe talk about how it felt being on stage and when Zach went on dressed as Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror Picture Show. This naturally develops to more discussion about Hitler and his cheeky nature whilst performing his speeches. We discuss the issues of your body starting to work against you when you’re on stage.

Then we have our first segment of COMEDY SOUP! And yes, Zach gives us some soup!

And another segment called “Mike Birbiglia’s Tweets“. We have a laugh over a very Immanuel Kant tweet.

The episode takes a strange turn when we start to discuss Zach’s paranormal investigations! There are some spooky stories, so be careful when you listen. You could be freaked out. Joel suggests a Ghostbusters type film for Zach to write. He’d prefer to write a film for director Martin Scorsese.

We learn all about ghosts, poltergeists, demons, Paranormal Activity films, ghost boxes and the general thousands of planes of existence. Zach misquotes the Bible to illustrate something about ghosts. (“Misquotes” looks like “mosquitoes”). He tells us some scary stories about interactions with a Kool-Aid glass and a poltergeist in his grandparents’ haunted home. Kevin brings up Occam’s Razor and it’s naturally compared to Murphy’s Law in regards to trying to get some Oreos and a glass of milk. He also compares one of the three spirits to a short-haired Wookiee from Star Wars.

As a comedy podcast should do, we bring around this ghost hunting talk to the world of stand-up. What would happen if there was a ghost? Joel brings up Jews having sex through a sheet. Here are some Google results about that.

Kevin wins this podcast 2 nothing!

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