0204 Phyllis Diller

podcastThis week’s episode is super upbeat and exciting! Joel and Kevin are both is high spirits. Kevin is still in the desert, loving it! The conversation sort of devolves into more political talk, but it’s still important and fun!

Joel announces the new comedy wing of Capitol City University. It is met with super energetic mixed feelings.

After discussing Joel’s kitchen ant problem, they get right into the comedy legend Phyllis Diller! There’s a lot to learn here, students, so listen up! Don’t worry, it’s not dry because we’re in very good moods.

Then we do “Tweets“, that unforgettable segment! If you have a tweet you’d like us to analyze, tweet it to us!

We will be doing Give Us A Handle with Kevin and Joel, if you have a circumstation, let us know!

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Have a great week! Class dismissed.

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