Episode 38: with Jenny Arndt!

Today we give you a very special episode of I Do and I Don’t with our special guest, Jenny Arndt. Jenny joins us to talk about the sacred nature of masculine and feminine energy, and how those dynamics play out in relationship and sex.

Mama, life-giver, death-dealer, love-maker, web-weaver, story-teller, truth-speaker, peace-seeker.

Jenny has been exploring what it is to be a human in this world for 42 years. 

As a teacher, coach and health-care practitioner, she has been supporting others to discover their own individual path to self-healing and personal freedom since 2004. With a passion for connecting people to the power of their own bodies and energy, Jenny has been on a mission to understand the dynamics of human relationships and how we interact with our environment and each other. As a woman and mother she has spent the last 10 years exploring the feminine principle and it’s beauty and relevance in our present world. She currently works with women individually and in groups, connecting them to their own sensuality and strength. 

Here’s how you can find Jenny:

Instagram: @jennyarndt  Facebook: iamjennyarndt@facebook.com 

And here are some additional resources on the divine feminine:

I am a lover of books and have leaned heavily into them in my exploration of the feminine and how it interacts with the masculine. Here are my favourites.

The Path of the Empress / Christine Li and Ulia Krautwald

A Woman’s Worth / Marianne Williamson 

Dancing in the Flames / Marianne Woodman and Elinor Dickson

Shakti Rising / Chinnaiyan

Goddesses in Everywoman / Jean Shinoda Bolen

Circle of Stones / Judith Durek

Wild Mercy / Mirabai Starr

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