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Laughter & tears!

Listening to the podcast has been both entertaining and healing. I think of the hosts as two friends having coffee next to me, and I’m eavesdropping. It doesn’t feel polished, and edited which I absolutely love and appreciate. It’s the prefect blend of humour and terrific advice. I’m laughing one moment and in tears the next. Thank you for answering my question, and giving me a place where I feel heard by unbiased people who truly have wide angle lenses on all things marriage and relationships.

Jules007ka, 2019-12-09

So Real!

So damn funny! I love the mixture of candour and humour. I have to admit I’m also relieved that you guys aren’t axing swearing since it lends even more authenticity to what’s being said and it also isn’t prolific. Sentence enhancers are usually needed most when talking about relationships.

As it is, as hosts you both play fabulously well off of one another and it’s been really refreshing to listen to this podcast! Can’t recommend it enough.

Blu52, 2019-11-14

Very Enjoyable!

High quality recording and beautiful speaking voices make this easy to listen to for starters. Even if you’re not looking for their advice, there is entertainment value in the interaction between the two hosts. If you are looking for advice, they both approach their responses with care and honesty. They also integrate humour in a way that keeps your attention, but still manage to respond seriously to the question at hand! Great job 🙂

👻🌶, 2019-11-11