S01E05 Tribute: Sarah Silverman

podcastToday’s episode begins with wasting time talking about the alphabet and Kangaroo Jack, comedy film. This film is loved by Liberals and Conservatives from Australia to all around the world.

After we reintroduce ourselves to the students, we draw attention to the hard C or K sounds again in the podcast. We use Jack Black as an example. Joel highlights rappers caring about consonants and syllables and the Blue Man Group who use many rap-like energies.

Kevin offers a glimpse into his journey into the universe of music! He listened to Mr. Queen. But where is the K or hard C sound in Bohemian Rhapsody? They take the magic out of that song.

Then we talk silly voices: Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Frank Caliendo and the master, Dana Carvey! He’s like a comedic wet blanket or a wonderful wet dream.

But there is a warning for our students, to use this power (hard Cs or Ks) responsibly, like Superman‘s grandpa told him, and share these things with the muggles as they say in Harry Potter.

The two reminisce about the origins of the JK Around Podcast, the little argument that started it all. Then Joel also mentions the country of Jkarta in India.

We then discuss improvements we might make to the podcast based on the episodes about Russell Peters, Louis CK and with Zach Shade. We discuss housekeeping, vacuuming, cleaning toilet and cleaning out your bathtub.

Then we discuss our skitches. They’re a hybrid of sketches and skits. This may or may not be poetic, but that’s for the scholars to decide. Kevin mentions his love for the Encyclopedia de Nationannica: History of the Nation. Joel talks Wikipedia and his collection of Encyclopedia Browns.

We talk about our dream to get Dan Aykroyd into 5 or so of our skitches, but he’s so hard to reach! Dan, if you’re reading this, use the contact page and hit us up! You’ve set yourself up with that incredible name. You’re no casually comedic Bill Murray. Get out of your Taiwanese, Buddhist mountain and come back and do Ghostbusters 3! We talk about Dan playing tennis in the Capitol City.

That’s when the conversation finally turns to our tributizee: Sarah Silverman. We talk “Jesus is Magic“, her first and only comedy special. They talk refreshing your browser with F5. Joel questions her decision to use the name of Jesus in her title. Was that cheeky then? Was that sacrilegious? Kevin mentions God is Dead by Christopher Hitchens and The God Confusion by Richard Dawkins.

Once again, Paul Blart Mall Cop comes up, but this time with fellow genius film: Son of the Mask 2!Sarah Silverman

We talk about Sarah and controversy, that big ol’ sandpit in the middle of the Amazon or Fire Swamp from Princess Bride. We make sure that Kevin realizes that the movie wasn’t a documentary, it was a re-enactment or dramatization of true events. We can all be saved through the grape vine and be shown out of controversy.

We discuss religion and the children of Quarthmon, Quarmensain, Quarnon, Quarthmore, Quarmen, Quarmar, Quarninn, Quarnyani-anin and Quarfar (or Q). Then we discuss abortion. It’s either killing a child or not. Does life begin at failed contraception? The good news is, everyone is right! This is absolutism (relativism) in that everyone is absolutely right: Pentecostals, Anglicans, Baptists and Japanese.

Then we talk about how funny Sarah Silverman is and how that’s not debatable, but that it is, yet it isn’t depending on how you feel about it. Your call! Then Kevin shares a quote about her not liking unfunny people telling her where the funny is.

Then we talk “who is funny?”. We know scientists, mimes and tennis players aren’t funny, but Patch Adams was and he was a doctor! Beverly Hills Cop was funny and he was a cop! The people that organize TED Talks, the government and censorship. Everyone can share the hard laughs and sounds.

Then we fast forward to the newest Sarah Silverman version: Jash. Basically, her YouTube channel. She’s doing comedy with Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Michael Cera and Reggie Watts (from Comedy Bang Bang with Scott Aukerman). We decide to be a part of Jash. We offer long, amazing skitches not unlike Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Back to the Future 1, 2 and 3. We offer our tome of comedy. The Iliad meats JK Around. It’s Shrek 3 meets Dog Day Afternoon. We’re like Looney Tunes!

Then we talk more about all of our exciting projects in the pipeline for our students and everyone.

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Have a great week! Class dismissed.

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