S01E15 Tribute: Sam Kinison

podcastThe podcast cracks off on an interesting conversation about time, death, tragedy and comedy. They immediately turn the comedy plus time equals tragedy equation on its ear.

Then we reiterate what we’re doing with the show, interviewing amateur comedians in order to stay away from just discussing WHO the people are, but rather, WHAT they do (the comedy). TMZ can enjoy taking strange pictures of what these celebrities are eating, but we’re going to educate our students. This leads to discussing how the paparazzi are run here in the Nation, which is a sensible way of doing things. Hopefully America will bring these ideas in with Obamacare.

Assignment: How many comedians are in the hat (by sound alone)! Please guess on facebook or twitter! hashtag: favourite jellybean flavour.

And this week’s tributee is announced: Sam Kinison!

The tribute unfolds first with his iconic beret, that special look that Sam had. This was his “calling card” (we go to great lengths to describe what that is). He’s in good artistic company with Van Gogh and the guy from myth busters. Yet, other people might imagine Sam in the same camp as a director, a French person, a mime or someone who rides a tandem bicycle.

Is Sam an angry comedian like Lewis Black or Louis CK? Maybe there’s something different. Kevin explains what that might be.

Then the team gets into a very interesting conversation about long hair on a boy. This was forbidden from 1983 to 1995 in the nation. Of course, Sam lived in that place of rebelliance. We discuss Kevin’s history of long hair and a beautiful Old Yeller-type memory.

We then discuss “black comedy“. Ice Cube‘s “Friday After Next“, Shakespeare‘s “Measure for Measure” or Blake EdwardsPink Panther film (and Leo DiCaprio as Inspector Clouseau) “Blood Diamonds“. Is Leonardo sacrificing his comedy career for Oscar?

Then we talk Ben Stiller at the Oscars with his Secret Life of Walter Mitty (originally with Danny Kaye). Okay, maybe you’ve got Sean Penn to replace Owen Wilson, but still don’t be so desperate for an Oscar. Take a lesson from Lego Movie 2014. Please give us a bit more Zoolander!

We want to see Zoolander and Mr Angry from Mystery Men. Or the Avengers and Zoolander! Captain America and Zoolander! Will Ferrell should get some Zoolander in his Anchorman movie and he could reprise the role of Magneto. Forrest Gump 2 and Zoolander… or Zoolander 2!

And we don’t need Owen now that we have Matthew Mcconaughey. Shanghai Nights? No thank you. Although, we do like Jackie Chan.

So, Sam is described as a Wham Bam Thank You, Ma’am Bowie-esque impregnator of comedic ideas. Which will explosively come out of you like in Alien. Ridley Squat should email us for a Zoolander Alien movie which will rival Prometheus.

Then we do “What If?” What if Zoolander could travel to any point in time and space?

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