S01E19 Tribute: Margaret Cho

podcastWe start the podcast with a sad message about the end of the semester of The JK Around podcast (season 1). We mention School’s out for the summer by Alice Cooper. It’s time for summer vacation! It’s time for recess.

We discuss the different climates in other parts of the world and how they don’t build very much character from whence to draw one’s comedy. We list many things that the Nation has which makes us richer of character.

Garry Shandling said, “As a comedian, you need to have something to pull from. You need to have life so you can pull comedy from it.” And we confirm that there’s no comedy in basketball, even in the film “White Man Can’t Jump”. And a city like New York is rich with Latinos, Delis and snow: it’s funny!

And then it’s time to draw the name: Margaret Cho!

Winner of the Last Comic Standing, she is a big, loud, scary, ambiguously female comedian! We discuss her subtle surprise comedy which comes from cultural stereotypes. What are they?

To set the stage for Cho’s comedy, we first discuss her rich heritage from the history of China to amazing Asian cuisine!

We get into the rich discussion of gender classifications. And how these things get confused with the various Asians with ESL speech. This leads naturally to an interesting discourse about bigotry and the moral slip and slide of various cultures. It’s hard to talk about these things without mentioning black slavery, so yes, they go there!

Cho wears a lot of make-up like Mimi from the Drew Carey show. To help understand Cho, we describe Drew Carey’s career and that of Wayne Brady! Using the genius of Wayne Brady, we can see where Cho gets  her depth.

Then we ground our students and John Travolta.

Then the gang describes some of the lovely gifts that they’ve received because of the show. This leads to honouring the brilliance of blond jokes. And then there’s a sneak peak into how the boys conduct their business meetings with Gil, their manager.

Assignment: Expose your arsenal to us on Facebook or twitter. Send us images and jokes that are inside your arsenal.

Assignment too: Treat us like the teachers and abuse us online. Send us rude jokes. “Put the gum under the desk” as Kevin said. Because this is a classroom. Be irreverent!

And then we do “What If?” What if Margaret Cho were the stinger on a bee? Would it destroy the comedy infrastructure?!

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