S01E11 Tribute: Jerry Seinfeld

podcastWe open the podcast reminding our students about the ongoing, very late Garfield meme assignment. Then we talk about the Sunday funnies and how our government is keeping down the strong liberal and conservative voices of heavy hitters like Doonesbury. But this episode hopes to enlighten the listeners and make them red with passion like Sam Kinison or Satan.

We then introduce our tributee: Jerry Seinfeld! He is the people’s comedian with the Midas touch! They discuss the days of the gold rush, heading down to Texas to get the black gold (Texas tea) and getting their hands dirty (and souls dirty) with black gold.

Of course, Jerry Seinfeld is a huge fan of Superman and actually worked with him on some commercials for Mastercard. Is this a moral choice? Should these two titans be selling themselves to capitalism? It just makes logical sense that if you can do good with comedy, you can do bad with comedy. Kevin cites the Flintstones and the Jetsons being on both polar opposites of that coin.

Early-on assignment: Why are the Jetson’s evil because of technology or why are the Flintstones evil and the Jetson’s are not (in 500 words or less)? On Twitter or Facebook.

So, then it’s revealed that MAYBE Jerry and Superman were doing those commercials to save Lois Lane or something? Maybe the plot was thicker than a simple right or wrong question. It may have been an evil plot designed by Lex Luthorington. Of course, that leads to talking about Jerry Seinfeld’s personal marriage relationship life.

The duo discuss his show Seinfeld and how important that was to bring Jerry’s speech, perspective and jokes onto the couches, into the ears and minds of the world! And it’s made the world a better place. Where Jerry walks, the grass grows. He was asked to leave New York City because of that.

Then they gush for a bit about how great Jerry’s work is. Rocky is the eye of the tiger then Jerry is the eye of the bite (comedy, laugh, funny)!

The conversation turns to the Zach Shade episode in which we mention the Chinese bit of Jerry’s. This is something in the common vernacular like yada yada. Could Jerry have turned his comedy into gold like Rumpelstiltskin turned straw into gold? It started quotidian (aka quoted) and now it’s colloquial. So what’s the value? Has the value been sucked out of it? These are some deep questions the team deal with.

We talk about the Jewish heritage from the holocaust to Jerry being a Moses who lead his people out of Egypt, freed them from Pharaoh and turned the water into blood, sent locusts and then frogs to eat those locusts.

And then we do the “what if” segment! What if Jerry Seinfeld was greed?

Assignment: What if “what if” was actually a thing focused on “what if”? Help us with “what if”. What do you want to hear from the “what if” segment? Give us an example of a good “what if”!

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