S01E17 Tribute: Demetri Martin

podcastThe episode begins with Joel and Kevin suggesting that Prince could do a cool rock and roll version of their theme song. That gets Joel talking about hippity-hop and how he doesn’t enjoy the “music” or lyrics, but really loves the sexy videos they make to go along with those things.

Then the JK Around exposes their other exploits that go far beyond this comedy podcast. We discuss Kevin’s scoliosis.

And then it’s time to draw the name out of the comedy hat! From Chris Farley to Sam Kinison, we’ve had such great diversity on the podcast out of the hat so far!

Today’s comedian is: Marmaduke! But, apparently, we’re not allowed to celebrate a drawn animal comedian. Kevin argues that if we tributize Marmaduke, we need to tributize made up characters like when Ray Romano’s dad played Young Frankenstien by Mel Brooks.

Joel concedes to Kevin and this week’s comedian is: Demetri Martin! As an aside, Marmaduke has only one name like Madonna, Axlrose or Slash.

Demetri had a show on HBO called “Demetri Martin and the Special Things“. He was doing Drawing Comedy. We explain what that is. And then it comes out that all good comedy has its foundation in reality. All this points back to Marmaduke.

Then the duo discusses their hatred for certain sounds and textures. Joel doesn’t like chalk, Kevin doesn’t like typewriters.

The lesson turns to musical comedy which is something that Demetri practises in the discipline. But is he like Tenacious D? Or is he more like Folk music? Is he Arj Barker doing the Doggy Bounce? Is he anything like Flight of the ConChords (the Australian (New Zealand) version of us)?

They discuss the sparsity of his comedy atmosphere. How he doesn’t have a lot on his sets or tshirts… or expressions on his face (no one actually says that last one). A question for our students would be: Why the sparsity? What is the affect there? Joel’s question to the students would be this: If you look at the show of Pee-wee Herman, Pee-wee’s Playhouse, is that also funny?

Demetri was recently in the film “In a World…”, not to be confused with “The World, End of the World“. We were very upset that the Oscars snubbed comedy and Seth Rogan and his movie. We prove that we are connected in a comedic spirituality to Seth Rogan.

And then we do “What If?” What it Demetri Martin were sidewalk chalk art?

Assignment: Give us some drawings of Demetri Martin type sidewalk chalk art or any kind of art or painting. OR just post your favourite comic of Marmaduke on our Facebook or Twitter!

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