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We open the episode discussing the throwback to the silent film era! The days of Charlie Chaplin when they used title cards to describe emotions. You’d be watching Journey to the Center of the Moon and music would be the indicator as well as a title sign. We discuss the importance of musical indicators. (That’s all in the first 2.5 mins! Very dense episode!)

Then Kevin makes an error in how we’ll be posting this episode, but that highlights the new way we’ll be coming up with our tributees! Very exciting development.

Before we completely reveal this, we describe Joel as a Tim Heidecker and Kevin as Eric Wareheim. They give their full names so that they can go out and work independently from the J/K Around.

Then we tell our students how we’ll be coming up with their tributees which will show how well we know comedy and comedians off the cuff (and out of a hat). We mention Wanda Sykes and Frank Caliendo as comedians we both have fought for in the past.

We honour the greats with the hat: Abbott and Costello, Sonny and Cher, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy and The Three Stooges.

First Assignment: Not really sure if Cher ever wore a bowler. If so, tweet us the picture or post it on our Facebook page!

Our new direction is so exciting because, ever since we completed our 7 Trials of Hercules, we have now proven ourselves to be honorary PhDs of Comedy. Which we would probably get from Russia Oxford, Swedish Oxford or Nicaragua Harvard or Oxford.

The comedian we’re tributizing is Chris Farley, the fat, dead comedian. He became famous through Saturday Night Live (which is now called SNL). We give a brief history of the show from when it almost began with Chaplin and Buster Keaton to when Laurence of Olivier‘s son (Lawrence Michaels) began it officially in the 70s. This was the Vatican for the greats of comedy: Steve Martin, Steve Buscemi, Steve Albright, Jane Curtin, Dennis.

Eventually we start discussing Farley’s movies, starting with Beverly Hills Ninja which was a comedy remake of Kurosawa type films. That was very brave, but appropriate because in America everyone is obese! We talk about Fat Pride which got big in the 90s (hilarious joke) and the blessing that fat comedians in Farley’s time died before they were alienated by the decline of Fat Pride and growth of the health nut: John Candy, Chris Farley, John Belushi, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bernie Mac.

We talk about the big question: Chris Farley, nude or not nude. Joel tells a story about seeing Farley dance for Chippendales with Kevin Nealon and Fabio or Famio?

Debate Assignment: Was it funnier when Farley was packed into that little outfit or when he took off the outfit? OR when he was taking OFF the clothes?

Then Joel tries to talk about the “Van down by the River” sketch, but Kevin refuses. Why?

He tries to distract the conversation by talking about the Folger’s Commercial.

Was he even in Wayne’s World 2? Dana Carvey, Mike Myers.

If you’ll remember Married With Children with Freida, who appeared in an SNL skit. That’s when things finally get serious… sometimes taking the magic out of comedy gets personal.

Then they bring to light an important tenet of the discipline: subtle comedy zappers. You’d see it in the sketch about adopting an adult.

And then we do WHAT IF? We ask, “what if Chris was a part of speech?”

Assignment: What are some nouns we could put in a hat?

Scholar Assignment: What is “Shalom” or “Farley Well“? Is it a greeting? What’s that called? Namaste? May Chris Farley be unto you?

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