Theme Song Lyrics

podcastComedy Soup
We give you ingredients for a comedy joke
And you make the soup
Where’s the soup?

Can I Be Your?
Times were crazy, but I was happy
I held your hand and we walked by the sea
Can I be your? Can I be your?
Can I be your?

That comedian, oh, why’s the guy so funny?
Comedian, oh, why are they so funny?
Comedian, I don’t get the joke
Explain the funny to me

Give Us a Handle
Give us a handle on a circumstation
Give us a handle what you would do
What you would do
Give us a handle

What’s the Difference Between Me and You?
What’s the difference between me and you?
You tell a good joke, but it’s slightly different than the jokes I do
My act’s the way it is and I land certain poses
You wear dope shades, but I got rose coloured glasses
What’s the difference between me and you?

Comedy Soup (reprise)
You made the soup
That’s the soup

What If?
What if you were somethin’
Not just a comedian
Let’s use imagination!

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