S01E01.5 LM (Listener Mail) #1

This is our first Listener Mail (LM) episode where we talk to YOU the listener about emails that you’ve sent us regarding the podcasting that we’ve been doing for you. It seems a little circular and redundant, but maybe in a deep way, that’s life.

Kevin mentions his BLOG and gives the INCORRECT link, so I’ve corrected it here:! I’m not sure if there are ways to subscribe to his blog or comment and message on it, I don’t care, but you can figure that out and have wonderful conversations with him.

As you listen to our podcasts, you will notice we discuss many comedy minds (which is a term I prefer to “comics” or “comedians/comediennes”). Each podcast will have a blog post associated to it here which will give you links to more information about those comedy minds, those humourists, and any other things we touch on that the common man may not understand. I’ve already done this for our Introduction Episode and our Louis C.K. Tribute.

You may find there’s no reason to send us emails or comment on anything because you will get all the information you need on my blog posts. We do enjoy being tweeted, facebooked and soon you’ll be able to see hilarious videos on our YouTube! If you want to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, click the link below or the picture in this post!

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