S01E16 Interview: Matt Ker

podcastWhat a beautiful Monday for the JK Around Podcast. We don’t waste much time to introduce our guest: Matt Ker!

Matt is an old, not particularly current, friend of Kevin’s. We start in by talking about the history that Kevin and Matt share. It’s pretty underwhelming. The joke they shared didn’t even seem that funny, so it’s not clear why it’s such a “rich history”. However, Kevin does remember, with a slight prompting, Joel’s first hilarious, well honed internet bit.

They talk about the Offenders of Comedy which was a washed up group of comedians that didn’t even have a podcast or have the kind of chemistry Joel and Kevin have. Maybe Matt and Kev still workshop jokes, but Joel and Kevin write their skitches and do some real world friendship stuff. It’s an exciting time of changed traditions and new, richer friendships!

They discuss being raised in a small, useless, uninteresting town called Nee-lmyr. It’s a one badger town outside of the Capitol City. Matt tries for a shock value joke in the moment which falls flat and doesn’t work. Kevin is supportive of it, as you would be of an old family friend who you don’t plan helping grow or get better. Joel has to explain that this isn’t the forum for a bunch of jokes, it’s an educational programme.

Then there is an explanation of shock comedy. One of them uses a great metaphor from This Is Spinal Tap. Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Miley Cyrus: these all did shock rock (and comedy when it comes to Miley). And funny dress ups inspired by Lady Gaga and Carrot Top.

A story then comes out about a hilarious comedy joke that Matt wrote which was taken by Joe Rogan (comedian, philosopher, scientist). This joke featured the comparison of Alien and the female vagina. Joel uses a Chuck Norris joke to illustrate how comedy is about philosophy, because Matt insists it’s not about science, but in describing that, it appears science is very necessary in the best jokes (like Norris jokes). So, he’s wrong. Matt is wrong. And then Sherlock Joel with his Watson Kevin solves the case of the stolen joke. Matt doesn’t have much to do with it.

Then Matt tells us about Caleb and their comedy thing called “Bad Idea Comedy” which seems like a really great idea for them. Matt should stick with Kelland and not bother with Kevin so much. It’s a bad idea because it’s like Tim and Eric, but the joke is that it’s a GOOD idea! You can see them on YouTube and Facebook!

Then Kevin does a masterful job of describing his jokes using puns. That’s how you know it’s good material. Bill Cosby’s material can be describe in a pun as Joel shows and that’s how we know his comedy is brilliant!

Then we do “What’s the Difference“! What’s the difference between Matt Ker and Rick Moranis (Mel Brooks‘ “Spacebars“, “Honey I Shrunk the Kids (2)”, “Ghostbusters“)?

Then we have Matt “Give us a Handle“!

Then we try “Tweets“, the ongoing tweet segment which is constantly evolving. This week: Rob Huebel (Human Giant, Childrens’ Hospital)!

Then we have another installment of the segment “Can I/we be Your?” It gets kind of dramatic, but it’s very much a telling experience for Matt and Kevin.

Of course, they do your favourite segment: “Comedy Soup“!

Before we go, we have to enlighten Matt about taking the magic out of comedy magic shows. Joel goes into great detail to explain the subtle differences we’re talking about in that statement. It’s unclear if Matt gets it by the end, but he might just be too dumb.

Assignment: Litter our walls and Bad Idea Comedy wall with all sorts of offensive shock comedy!

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