S01E04 Interview: Levi Mann

podcast Today we interview Levi Mann, comedian!

The conversation is hot right out of the gate as we discuss what he uses as fodder for comedy. Does his material stem from television shows like Marvel‘s S.H.E.I.L.D., of which Levi is a huge fan? Or does his material come from people (not the magazine, actual people)? Is there truth to Joel’s claim of the manipulation of the media?

Then Joel asks if they have beef. As the scene of the potential beef unfolds, we touch on comedians having pow wows with other witch doctors of comedy to sort out their joke potions. Does this eye of newt work? Does this need some tongue of squid? Then Levi reveals his marine zoological knowledge.

We try to answer the question, “could there be a happy racist?” We also touch on low income housing, Indians going to college, Canadian entertainment, the penny being retired and worthless as well as being the white minority.

Levi reveals his comedy stems from his observations of people at Tim Hortons, where he works. Turns out he’s racist towards his own kind: white, but mostly the western whites.

Is Levi OCD or just organized? Is he manic depressive, bipolar or a sexual deviant? These are all enjoyable quirks, like picking one’s nose as people watch or chewing on ice. Kevin likes being watched whilst chewing on ice. Levi laughs at Kevin‘s issues, but that brings healing because humour ALWAYS does.

Then we get into a very intense discussion on ice varities! Cubes, moons, chips?

Levi Mann

THIS WEEK’S CONTEST: Where do various cubes come from? Do penguins make ice chips?

We are excited to learn that Levi’s name comes from Leviticus which is in the Old Testament of the Bible. Maybe it was a misstep to ask him if he wears Levi’s Jeans, but it did inspire some old, tired pants jokes! Before long, we get back on the course with Biblical pick-up lines. Will Deuteronomy win that pretty girl’s attention or is the Beatitudes a good go-to?

Joel gets confused about what Tim Hortons is and thinks they sell Red Bull, Rockstar Energy, Diet Coke, but he’s corrected. Levi tells us Niagara Falls is a tourist town and has diverse guests from all over the world. Then he tells us Canola Oil is the number 1 commodity in the world. This starts Joel into his “stick to the pan bit” inspired by the BP oil spill. Joel reiterates that hard Cs are funny!

Then we do Mike Birbiglia’s Tweets (the lizard king of comedy)!

Levi teaches us about why chicken Parmesan is funny as a coat and how eating it will put on some excess fat for winter. Amazing vision for comedy, Levi! It’s a coat made of food and fat is funny.

Then we discuss the art of “writing from stage”, a tactic that some comedians use. That makes them hit and miss, but sometimes it can be very funny. Then Kevin and Joel confuse Levi’s friend Larry Smith for Larry the Cable Guy, Larry King and Garry Shandling/Larry Sanders. Levi doesn’t write on stage, he does one man improv.

The conversation turns to “The Show Must Go On” by Queen and Freddy Mercury even if there’s open-heart surgery going on. Joel calls Freddy gay, but Levi thinks he’s Bi, which confuses Kevin and Joel to talk about ‘N Sync, Bye Bye Bye and Mighty Ducks with “We Are the Champions“. They also talk about that “Bohemian Rhapsody” moment in Wayne’s World in the mirth mobile.

Levi mentions Jim Carrey from Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, Excessively Excessively Excessively (a forthcoming film), Mr Popper’s Penguins and Mr Popper’s Penguins 2. Joel mentions Dr Dolittle and the Eddie Murphy version. Then they discuss Braveheart and Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson, William Wallace and Jesus Christ. And Robin Williams. And the little known William Wallace and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We have a Jumanji talk involving Tom Hanks, Chris Rock, Big (the comedy film) and Toy Story. Beware there are SPOILERS!

Joel tries to share his famous metaphor about butter on bread: white, whole wheat, pumpernickel, marble rye. Using butter with ham, marmalade or peanut butter, so creamy. Levi takes the opportunity to do some crazy accent about sandwiches. Is it Italian, Spanish or Cuban? This devolves into discussing Scarface, Carlito’s Way, Scareface 3: The Reckoning and Donnie Brasco. Kevin confuses that for Donnie Darko. Levi talks about his Stallone, Kermit and customer impressions. Joel finishes his metaphor citing Mark Twain, Jay Leno, Little Richard (Kevin sneaks him in), Sandra Bullock, Gilbert Gottfreid and Seth MacFarlane.

Joel makes the very meaningful point that real comics are the butter on the top of pancakes. Levi quotes Pineapple Express, appropriately. Then we argue about when people eat those pancakes, obviously. Levi regales us with a tale of making pancakes stoned from a mix, interestingly. Joel suggests making them from scratch, actually. We enlighten you about Levi’s gift for thinking and funnying outside the box, but how important it is to feel inside that box first and then give a football kick to the box and do your own thing!

Then we do Comedy Soup and get a little confused about what’s soup and what isn’t soup. Joel keeps making puns. Levi does an amazing job navigating the duo through his comedy rant based on the ingredients.

Another good facebook contest: Did Levi make soup? What was the soup? Was it a gazpacho?

We get into American cuisine like chicken and waffles, burger donuts and Twinkie hot dogs from UHF with Michael Richards and “Weird Al” Yankovic. It’s also a frequency. Watch it on Netflix. Follow us on twitter.

And then there is a beer pouring sound effect contest: If you think Joel’s is best, tweet #1 to OUR TWITTER. If you vote for Levi, Tweet #2 to HIS TWITTER and OUR TWITTER.

Our next competition: Did Levi Mann plagiarize his “can you call a blind man to the witness stand or is that hearsay” joke?

Levi: 2 points (unsure where they’re from)
Kevin: 1 point (unofficially)
Joel: 0 points

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