S01E14 Interview: Jen Meyers

podcastWe start the podcast by commenting that comedy is eternal, like the blue milk after a bowl of Lucky Charms, the brown milk after a bowl of Count Chocula or Cap’n Crunch mouth.

And then our guest interrupts and introduces herself, in a sense: Jen Meyers! Jen immediately impresses us with her use of Latin.

We jump straight in discussing the prejudice she’s had to deal with as the “token” woman of her comedy community. We talk about acknowledgment in the world of stand-up comedy. Acknowledge whatever particular group you belong to!

We learn what kind of comedian Jen is. She’s an unabashed female comedian who plays to the audience, tells jokes and tells stories. She regales us with a story of a show she did just the night before and how she augmented her set to suit it.

Then we discuss specialized comedy for ONLY women! These are jokes men can’t find funny, but girls can. What is the subject matter? What is the way this humour works that doesn’t tickle men?

Before answering these questions, Jen talks about her box.

Joel gets confused about some reproductive details pertaining to certain period details. This needs to be arduously explained to him by Kevin and Jen. The latter uses a personal story about her brother and having to work.

We discuss a battle of the sexes Joel witnessed featuring Jen. Also, we talk about David Green, a dear comedian who is very tender and fair. Then she tells us the joke which features Levi Mann, who we have interviewed. The joke involves Canada’s Wonderland and the Leviathan.

Now, the joke she performed was an INSULT comedy joke! That gets the gang talking about Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Bob Hope and Don Rickles. Kevin uses Joel’s resemblance to Clark Kent/Superman to illustrate what an insult comedy joke would be. Jen brings up the comedy central roasts.

Joel brings up what level of insult is funny and when it becomes just mean. Is it mean to start making fun of a person’s ears (because Jen is sensitive about her ears). We share what jokes we would do about her lobes. Then we talk about bullies and the loss of wit.

Then we discuss divorce and how it’s treated in the Nation. We talk about marriage between goats, platypus, lamps, tables, beavers. Of course, this opened up questions about adoption at the time.

And then we do “Give us a handle“! It gets pretty exciting and maybe even harrowing.

Then we get the 411 on how long Jen has been actually doing comedy and how long she dreamed of performing comedy. She has a list two hours long of comedians she loves! But her inspiration, not influence, who she emulates is Deborah DiGiovanni. She’s a stand-up comedy female comedian from Toronto.

Then Joel starts another great deep philosophical conversation about inspiration vs influence. This involves talk of Louis CK and Adam Sandler.

Then we do “What’s the Difference between me (Catharine O’hara) and you?”

Jen asks “who misses Chris Farley in the age of Rob Ford”. We are forced to go over a few of those details. But these days, because of decomposition, Farley would probably be hired for a Calvin Klein add.

Jen introduces Joel to Nikki Payne.

Then we do the sucky “Rob Delaney’s Tweets“. Of course, we mention the Kardasian’s in tandem with Delaney. This also brings out the wonder of elephant in the refrigerator jokes, Tarzan jokes and Chuck Norris jokes.

Then we do a brand new segment: “Can I be your?

Then we do “Comedy Soup“!

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