S01E20 Interview: David Green

podcastThis is the last episode of this semester on The JK Around Podcast. It’s an honour to interview the daddy of his local scene (in Niagara of Canada), the master of words, David Green. There’s a lot of learning in this episode, students!

We start out immediately wondering if David will ever be transgendered. And right away, David comes out with rich puns in the conversation.

David’s staple comedy style is “puns” or parrotphenezia. Joel asks if all wordplay is puns (because all puns are wordplay). Tune in to learn the answer!!

Of course, the intense idea of puns in other languages comes out. David mentions “The Art of the Pun”, a dissection of puns and wordplay and how it has evolved. Suddenly, puns don’t seem like a simple thing as some thing, but a very intellectual comedy joke type.

Assignment: Read that book and scan us your full book report!

Showing his intellectuality, David asks us where the magic goes after we take it out of the comedy. Our answers are interesting!

This leads to the questions, “are all jokes playing with words?” That is answered too, it seems. Of course, surprise comedy comes up again (mark it in your notebooks, students)!

The conversation organically moves to a chat about NEEDING magic. Yes, we take it out in this podcast, but what do you do if you don’t have any more magic? Don’t worry, we’ll all still have magic. Learn how… by listening!

Kevin asks David if there’s something magical that happened which inspired him to do even more than 20 whole comedy shows! Well, of course, David talks about FUN raising! Because if you don’t raise awareness that there’s fun, no one will know there’s fun.

Through the story we’re taken into the world of zany face comedy! This style was pioneered by the likes of Mike Myers, Jim Carey, Pee-Wee Herman, Weird “Al” Yankovic.

Then Joel pioneers a little idea of his own involving the comedy of Mitch Hepberg and Steven Wright: Idea Puns! This idea is very controversial as both David and Kevin don’t agree with his brilliant idea.

Assignment: Weigh in on this debate! Tweet or Facebook your opinion about this serious issue please!

We jump straight into “What’s the Difference Between Me and You?“!

The segment opens a great big ball of wax which is about “timelessness”! How do you create timeless comedy? We discuss the David on stage vs off stage. How is he different? Listen… you’ll get to know the tickle monster.

Then David Green “Gives Us a Handle“!

A great segment of “Can I Be Your?” is next. Pretty solid!

Suddenly, we do “Comedy Soup” and it is quite delicious!

David blew our minds, follow him on the inter webs and enjoy his pun a day!

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