0202 Tracy Morgan

podcastThis week’s episode starts out with a discussion about how exciting it is when we post these podcasts and the post podcast ritual we partake in. Then the conversation turns to Kevin’s ongoing travels and the fun week Joel is looking forward to as it is Kite Week in the Nation.

Of course, the conversation turns to Kevin’s new “yo’ mama” jokes. We get really deep into the classic, timeless “yo’ mama” or “blonde” jokes. They also let language breathe and grow by changing the definition of “diverge”.kite week

Joel then digs into the Hat ‘O Comedians and pulls out Tracy Morgan! This brings up the big comedy question of girl’s names on boy comedians. This leads to the laugh and then follow up laugh rule of comedy. The discussion turns again, but this time they discuss The Fault in Our Stars film which was an unlikely comedy to come out in 2014. Christopher Guest and his Best For Show, Waiting for Guffman films are mentioned and diverge with comments on Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Fred Willard. We touch on the Production King of Comedy: Seth Rogan and his lackie James Franco.

So, then the duo does “What If“, one of their most popular segments.

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Have a great week! Class dismissed.

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