0201 Richard Pryor

podcastWe start the year out with a bit of a different thing from last season. Kevin has left Joel in the lurch, so to speak, by deciding to do the 199 days of travel. This week he’s in the Westernmost Mountains. They talk about his Sherpa (Korojo), Joel’s photography website and other intriguing travel related things. Joel asks some stirring questions about New York City and how traveling there really is the only place a comedian needs to go as his/her pilgrimage.

Then we get into the comedian of the week as picked out of the Hat O’ Comedians! This week, as the title says, it’s Richard Pryor.  Before really getting into it, we discuss Mike Birbiglia’s rise to fame due to our support.

We let our students know that the Pry guy is dead, but he lives on in many other famous comedians’ voices and eyes: Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Eddie Griffin, Eddie Murphy, Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Bill Cosby. Basically all the black comedians. Who was the white version of Dick? Well, it was Gene Wilder in the Mel Brooks films.

Then we share a new segment: Kevin’s Klassic Kranks!

Joel also mentions his accidental podcast: voice memos.

We will be doing Give Us A Handle with Kevin and Joel, if you have a circumstation, let us know!

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Have a great week! Class dismissed.

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