Updates on what’s going on!


As a few of you have been able to guess because of your incredible minds, I’m an entertainer and I live in the Niagara region. I’m looking to be nominated for the Niagara Music Awards “Entertainer of the Year”! Why should you nominate me? Because I’ve entertained you (hopefully) via many different mediums. Maybe you’ve […]

How exciting is this!? I have posted all the lyrics of my songs which are currently available on CD and iTunes. They are organized by album (autumn, winter, spring, summer, “Inspired Stereo” A Green Dynamo EP, Mad Scientist PHD and Stand) as a drop down over there on the header. I posted them, more or less, in the […]

It feels like ages ago since I was involved in my first episode co-hosting a local indie talk show. It was a very cool show which introduced anyone anywhere on the internet to Southern Ontario’s independent artists of all types. I was happily asked to be the musical co-host who would mainly sing guests in […]