Joel-143Joel van Vliet is a songwriter, recording artist, singer, comedian, novelist, performer, actor, screenwriter, producer, humourist (see comedian), religionist, philosopher and narcissist. He’s a simple man…

He has played all over the Niagara Region and the Golden Horseshoe with his three piece rock n roll band as well as solo shows. His discography includes 3 full length studio albums, an EP and a soundtrack to a Los Angeles based film.

He was a finalist in the first online only music based reality show with Johnny Wright (legendary boy band and pop manager). He was flown to L.A. to compete with the other finalists and experienced the power pop music scene first hand. While he was there, he accepted the award for best soundtrack from the Los Angeles United Film Festival.

Upon returning to Niagara, plans were in motion to write and produce an album that would be a love letter to his beloved home. At this point, the 10 song album is in its final production stages! This collection features songs with the diversity and unique character of the Niagara Region.

Joel’s live expression brings all his eclectic songwriting to the masses in the form of a powerful trio. They’re a dynamic force of throbbing bass, grooving beats and grinding chords, all with a sweet and powerful voice suspended like a trapeze artist above an erupting volcano. It’s an experience.

In 2013, Joel starred at the titular character, a superhero called Superbo Lasagna Man, in a commercial parody. You can see the video here!

Late 2013 saw the beginning of a comedy partnership between comedian Kevin Avram and Joel as they launched The JK Around. The comedy duo is planning videos, live shows and can be heard on their weekly podcast The JK Around Podcast! You can find them on Twitter too!

Check out his album “autumn, winter, spring, summer” on iTunes and in the Store.

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Enjoy Joel van Vliet . com!

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